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The Same But By Different Means

by Yves Jarvis

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Yves Jarvis is a clean slate, a recasting of Montreal-based musician Jean-Sebastian Audet. Audet previously created under the name Un Blonde, a name which he says was, at one point, all he wanted.

But of course, things change. “Now I’m at a place where I feel like when I hear it, I don’t like it because I don’t identify with it at all,” he continues. “I knew I needed something that I could identify with.” Each aspect of Audet’s work is immensely personal, and Yves Jarvis reflects this literally. Yves is Audet’s middle name, while Jarvis is his mother’s last name.

He is thrilled to announce his new album The Same But By Different Means, to be released on March 1 via ANTI- Records and Flemish Eye Records in Canada.

Each of Yves’s albums is informed and driven by a colour; it is both a visual and thematic palette that reflects and refracts intentions. Un Blonde’s 2017 album Good Will Come To You was yellow, which Audet cites as his favourite colour. It is, for him, the colour of the daytime. Blue, the colour of The Same But By Different Means, is less endearing.

“Blue is more so the colour that I think is imposed on me,” he remarks quietly. “Where the last record was the joy of the morning, and optimism, this record is the pain of the night before sleep. I find it so painful before sleep, and this midnight blue is what this whole world is. The night is just completely imposed and weighing so heavily and this is a much more difficult realm to walk around in, texturally.”

But with The Same But By Different Means Audet continues to create music that is at once warm, haunting, and unfamiliar while remaining singularly inviting and kind—a mélange that reflects both comfort and its counterpart. Good Will Come To You was celebrated universally for the things that make Audet’s work compelling: careful folk noir, tender R&B flourishes, pillowy vocal beds that somehow seem to neither begin nor end, and a punkish ambivalence towards saccharine melodics that traditionally dominate the previous three structures.

These same qualities are present across The Same But By Different Means, a record that builds a delightful, imaginative framework from which to explore what it means to be Yves Jarvis. Songs on the record range from 14 seconds long to over eight minutes. The record’s title is itself a step further: with each new project, Audet adds a word to the title. “This year is my transition into Yves Jarvis where I’m not only widening the scope, but deepening the picture altogether.”


released March 1, 2019


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Yves Jarvis

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Track Name: To Say That is Easy
Stoking the fire Keeping it going Cracking and roaring Telling a story Singing don’t worry

Well to say that is easy Much too easy
Track Name: The Plight Comes
The plight comes and rears its head
Now I’m gonna have to deal
Track Name: Sugar Coated
Break it down to me sweetly, sweetie I need it sugar coated
I’m just too sensitive One at a time
You’re lifting both of your feet
To the pace of this beat
The rules have been changed Throw your ways away
Now break it down to me Break it down to me sweet

I guess I must sound just like a broken record Well, I don’t feel heard
Now I gave it some time I gave it some thought
I need to move on
Track Name: Nothing New
These things are so hard to find when you’re working all day and then the well runs dry There’s nothing new
There’s nothing new

There’s nothing new

peace of mind comes at dawn but by night it’s gone There it goes
Track Name: Constant Change
Constant change
Constant change
Constant change
Track Name: Out of the Blue, Into Both Hands
That song in the wind
Just slamming on the brick
It carries a certain familiar tune, ‘Mm mm’
Got it out of the blue and into both hands Then comes the truth just spilling out
Track Name: Into the Forefront
I just don’t know when I realized it occured to me I trust you
I just don’t know if you realize that you’re hurting me I lament the days

No time for these winding roads No, we’re moving forward
Into the forefront

These circumstances that we’re going through lately I feel like I’m too emotional
Maybe blurred a line that now has been removed Make me feel blue blue blue blue blue

Through and through again Moonlight like a knife
cuts again

Time is a circle We’re in the middle
Subject to a single degree
Track Name: 360
Three-hundred-sixty degrees All the way around the country Gone for so long
So glad to be home

Three-hundred-sixty degrees Back where I began eventually Gone for so long
So glad to be home

Which side of this valley? 360 Forward, O Yeah! Forward, O my God! 360
Track Name: Forward
Track Name: Curtain of Rain
Curtain of rain came and went like a tumbleweed No, I can’t explain this curtain of rain
Track Name: Hard to Say Bye
Beautiful cherry tree shading me
was dangling in front of me precariously

Blessed fruit from the heavens? Or is it fruit from below?
Deep blue, let me know

It’s hard to say bye So hard to say bye
It’s the hardest thing to say bye
Track Name: Fruits of Disillusion
Bright and early
It still weighs so heavy on me Still unfurling
Ever unfurling
Not going to find it in the branches or the roots Or passing fiction off for truth
Guess the fruit of disillusion is in season But if it’s not thought through
Take a moment or two and just try to gauge this constant change
Track Name: That Don't Make It So
Society has set that tone but that don’t make it so Despite how it appears to you, that don’t make it true
Track Name: Pigs at the Helm
On the smoldering horizon
The ash sure had settled by then You could smell it in the wind Just hadn’t arrived yet

Another mother mourning the child is dead
Just minding their own business At the helm are the pigs
Track Name: Time and Place
Two things thats here to stay: Time and place
Track Name: Blue V
Track Name: Goodbye Reason, Goodbye Rhyme
Ain’t no silence in this city
Yes, it’s been that way for a while
No friends bend to pretend to reason those rhymes on paper Just until it starts to feel like it’s time to get on
Or It’s time to get out So let’s talk about it To hell with the rules
Ain’t no shock left in this city But stimulation left and right Goodbye reason
Goodbye rhyme

Let me drink my deep red wine Whine, whine in the mic all night It’ll be alright
Track Name: Dew of the Dusk
Track Name: Talking or Listening?
What’s true of most things? I don’t know, so I’m asking
Where to go when one’s casting their line? Those are questions of mine

What time in the first place?
I’ve been kicking around about two decades
I’ve gotten used to the sound of those sweet cicada songs I couldn’t tell you which ones

So which tune comes to mind now? When you wake or when you wind down
Sure, the flame wanes but it won’t go right out until The plight gets its fill

So from which place are you coming?
You can’t keep it real if you come in judging
You can’t take the wheel just to prove something You’ll see
That’s no way to be

It’s understood that one needs patience To overcome these constant changes Act like a weed
You’re so invasive and wild That’s hard to reconcile

How, why am I wishing? when it’s so, so unforgiving Where is what I’m missing?
And which way there is it talking or listening?
Track Name: Glory to You
Track Name: Exercise E
Track Name: The Truth
[Incomprehensible spoken word]

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