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Sundry Rock Song Stock

by Yves Jarvis

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Epitome 03:57
Connatural sense reaching epitome Up and towards me Wanton trajectory Warranted maybe Temporary fades A child’s the same Abide, obey
In every mountain I’ve ever known There is stone and soul Proof of personality in my periphery In every mountain I’ve ever known There is stone and soul Marathon of way posts Never occurred to you What stirred the reverie Never occurred to me In every mountain I’ve ever known There is stone and soul When thrown in the thick of it all
For Props 03:43
Your earned fortune Can’t be contained And be deprived Of light of day Return to form There’s no way Yeah, you knew that was the cost Not quite the extent of the loss Your earned fortune Makes you depraved Can’t empathize Or Reciprocate I’m sure your hearts in the right place
Ambrosia 03:44
Emerald 03:43
You are adorned Sapphire jewelry, Emerald wreaths, Diamond, Ruby Aquamarine, Amethyst rings
Victim 04:42
When enmity has grown faint But still waxes and wanes Smoke screens dissipate Confronted with cliches That’s the crux of this pace When warrant falls into frame And they repreach and maim Bereft of intent and aim They will call you by name Insistent to constrain Notions of normal sustained I’m a victor of process And bound to result Just plowing the field Relentlessly to no end I’m a victim of the same old stuff My father was Then time extends in pursuit of power On either side Curves and bends For the sulted hour To form a line That tunnels deep Doesn’t cower And ascends high And subdivides I’m a vitriolic mass of dynamite Just bound to ignite Between the ides of now and then I’m a victim of the rise, the rush Beyond lexicon
Semula 02:58
It’s your aim to shame me Just please spare me your sanctimony, Semula Seems like you're mocking me The way you’re talking to me And closing doors Every time I step in the arena, Semula Can’t trust a man when he’s thriving And one sick motive keeps him driving Using fighting words Though it’s manifold You know who gets hurt In this warrior ordeal, Semula, Your loved ones will be proud of you And say their judgment reflects
Hardly linear like narratives read Therefore particularly animal Generationally embedded creed Hearkening back just in general And with that outcome dealt Sits you and yourself Harsh conveyance so dogmatically Rendering leaves most illegible Not quite salacious inherently Perceived implications Are negligible And with that trophy on the shelf Just leaves you and yourself With that notch in your belt
Emblem 01:45
Sounding to me just plausible Causing a Temporary lapse In my principles Sun in Aries and moon in Capricorn Impressed you always get your way? From birth right to this day What was once the crude refinery Endorsed by the commission Sourced for systemizing harder With prayers for formula to emanate To set the record straight Please seek heresy Tread recklessly Fastened threads will unweave At the pull of a string Emblem of dissent Unanimously awarded When you disobey And don’t get pulled astray
Struck with the weight of fact almighty Straight up Wrong time But I’d hate to leave it all behind Because the memory is still fond In my mind The memory implores to look away The memory of scent and thereby taste Every precious causa sul; I’m gonna cherish you and make Your heart sing The song of the rose absolute The stories are curtailed The art, the context, the portrayal Undermined To be certain that our fate can refine Bear some semblance To those very shapes outright The shape of her prose Distinctly oblique Demanding regard from read to read Every reckless view decreed I depend on you and you on me From insular growth one will bloom


released September 25, 2020


all rights reserved



Yves Jarvis Montreal, Québec


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